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N0 38, Lorong Temenggong, Kg Pandan

February 23, 2007

After moving from the area in 1989, we seldom visit our neighbours and friends there. Today, I knew nobody in the Lorong Temenggong anymore. It’s all new people and different environment.
I remembered when I was small, I used to play a kind of “War Games” with my friends and I feel that it was really a huge housing area where we can hide and ambush from back of the tree and submerge from the drain – hahahahaha….
I remembered one of the days when my uncle – Pak Cik Din organised a badminton tournment, just imagine a badminton court infront of my house compound, we built it using “rafia string” only. The fee is RM1 only and the winner got RM30.
We organised few wedding occasions in the house, the one that I remembered is the weeding of Tak Hanif and Pak Cik Din. Me and my elder brother was circumsized in the house, I remember that very well. Faseha, Min and Naem was also grown in the area well.
I can still remember the last day of my grandfather in the house, the sweet memories with him, may ALlah blessed Atok. (Hj. Abdul Aziz).
What a life, time is running so fast, our life is actually getting shorter and shorter… and we are happy wishing each other happy birthday… so funny.
I will write more on my childhood soon.
Shahrul, Kg. Baru
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