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This is Rosemah

May 8, 2006

This is my lovely wife, Rosemah Roseli. She’s holding Aleya Mashitah and as usual, next is Ahmad smiling. On the background of the photo is my cousin, Aisyatul Rodhiah. The photo was taken in my auntie house, Makcik Sabariah… the wife of my late uncle, Pak Cik Din (Zainuddin) who passed away on the same day with Aslan Mashkadov, 2nd President of Chechnya. We went to her house for Aidilfitri celebration.

In Malaysia, we celebrate Aidilfitri the whole Syawal as we celebrate the whole Ramadhan. Every day there will be an open house, if not in daytime, nightime is also permissable…

However, this year, our family didn’t celebrate Aidilfitri in a grand way. Just a reasonable ones, as my uncle (Pak Cik Din) passed away this year and moreover, my eldest daughter – the twin of Aleya Mashitah; the late Aleya Maisarah passed away on 4th of Ramadhan while we woke up for Sahur (sehri). ALlah give us loan and HE took it anytime as HE wish. Very sad but HE knows better than you.

How the Acehnese & Kashmiri’s celebrate their Aidilfitri after the Tsunami and Earthquake (zalzalah)? They lost more than what I lost, they lost the whole family, the whole neighbourhood, they lost everything… May ALlah blessed them!

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