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May 8, 2006

BALAKOT in rememberance…

I was in Balakot, Kashmir on the third week of Ramadhan. The photo I attached here is a photo of a door (darwazah) of a room in a Government Hospital in Balakot. The whole building has cracked and it is not safe to use the buildings, however, the door still standing serving it’s “emergency” moment in the hospital.

The situation in that area is horrible, with the cold weather approaching, not enough supply of tent, people still shock and trauma, no electricity, health and sanitation issues, people in the mountain side still didnt come down, there are those who still waiting in their destroyed house searching for the loved ones, hoping for miracle… We can still feel the aftershocks and sometimes it is really strong, I was once thrown over from the bed. Some road still closed as it needs repairment and machines to remove the big stone that blocked the way…

I was in Kashmir on AMAN MALAYSIA mission, led by Dato Mukhriz Mahathir, the younger son of our ex Prime Minister. AMAN did send few more teams including medical and humanitarian to assist the victims.

It seems like ALlah just wanted us to learn something; that is either you live on the low land (Acheh – tsunami), or in high land (Kashmir – earthquake) or in sophiscated land (America – Katarina), the signs of ALlah will always made clear for you to THINK and to REMEMBER.

Shahrul, Balakot in Rememberance

this is photo of my friend, Dr. Kasim – a doctor from Kelang with one of the victims – an old grandfather from village on top of the mountain, looking for assistance to confront killing Himalayan winter…

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