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May 6, 2006

Assalamualaikum, this is my first photo in Afghan Refugee Camp. At this moment, I was working with Malaysian NGO; Global Peace Mission Malaysia, I’ve served them for 2 years +.

The name of the camp is Ashgaroo Camp. Located in Parachinar, an area in Tribal Area, bordering with Afghanistan. It was my first posting to Pakistan. Previously I was posted to Central Asia, where all the “stans” countries are located. I never thought of coming back to another “stans” countries after that.

At this moment of time, I didnt met or know Rosemah (my ex fioncee) at all. At this moment, Br. Iqbal didnt joint us yet, event I did not know he even exist. I was accompanied by Br. Baktiar, a young Johorian, who never leave Malaysia except to Singapore… I’ll tell Baktiar story later on.

Next to me in the photo is Ir. Iqbal, an engineer working with ISRA Pakistan for Water & Sanitation project in Ashgaroo, later on, I went with him to Kashmir.

Actually, I’m thinking of putting some other photo, but when I passed through this photo, my mind stuck with my first trip to Afghan refugee camp. A very unique experience but very difficult to share with others especially on the living condition, sanitation, education, gender, living children, and so on…

I’ve learned Pushto, Farsi and Urdu while in Pakistan, and since I travell quite frequently inside Afghanistan, I have the opportunity to practise the zuban (language) often, event my Uzbek Cha also can be utilised.

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